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Vertical Garden installations - Reception Areas or Offices - Living Green Walls

Most building owner’s are desperate for their building to make an impression. The old days of standard finishes are over and everyone needs their building to stand out! This means that our architects, interior designers and any professional who makes a living out of finishing a building are under more pressure. Clients just seem to expect more from their finishes today!

But it’s going to be OK – Living Green Walls can help with that.

Our vertical gardens, living roofs and accessories are designed to revitalise dull spaces and make an impression! It’s the perfect way to cement your reputation with a client as being a great thinker and having standout ideas

Here are 3 ways your brand will benefit from partnering with Living Green Walls:

More finishing options

Don’t be limited to paint, tiles and water features anymore

Your fees increase

A living wall typically has a higher sqm cost than ordinary finishes, so your commission from us is better.

A lasting referral

Let’s be honest, when last did you get a referral because of the amazing paint colour in your client’s house! But with Living Green Walls, your client will constantly be talking about great ideas everytime they have a visitor to their building! Constant brand awareness.

Email us below for more information on our offers to our professional partners.

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