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Everything you may want to know about how a Living Green Wall can transform your space.
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Frequently asked questions

With Living Walls being a focal point or a backdrop to a focal point, highly visual wall surfaces or area that are easily viewed in public or highly accessible areas are usually best.

Each Living Wall is tailored to the site requirements and therefore needs to be customized to achieve the correct overall look and feel. Our Living Walls can be installed in almost any position or situation.

Honestly speaking you won’t know until its fully installed but during the design phase it is fairly easy to predict a favorable overall outcome. The visual impact will be clear from the onset.

Depending of what Living Wall system is selected and how each project is planned will determine what sort of achieved coverage will be gained upon installation. Coverage is achieved when plants are not grown from scratch within the system but rather pre-grown and then installed in position fully matured.

Living Walls usually fit within a designed interior or a building architectural design and very often needs to fit neatly within the arrangement provided. A frame or trims around the top, sides and bottom means that all the inner components are hidden out of view so that all that is seen are the plants. This, after all, is the goal.

Frames come in either a hardwood timber or powder-coated steel colour to fit within the given building or interior design.

Our Living Wall system come standard with a built-in (neatly hidden) watering or reticulation system. This means that all plants will receive the right amount of water set to the correct watering times throughout a given week.

Before a Living Wall is designed or built, a light meter reading is taken at the top, middle and bottom around the position of the Living Wall. This reading then determines whether or not additional lighting is required to give then plants what they need in their new vertical position.

We encourage costumer engagement in this process. The plants are chosen considering personal preference as well as what plants will grow well given position and site application. We submit design layouts and plant suggestions before executing any work on site. This means that you can ‘okay’ the process and get a better picture of what will be installed.

This is really determined by the size and scope of the Living Wall. A smaller installation (10sqm or less) may take a day or two but we encourage our teams to err on the side of quality rather then speed. A larger installation (60sqm or more) can take up to 2 weeks.

The short answer is yes. Whether you are buying single plant from a retail nursery or over 1000 plants for your garden or Living Wall, all ‘living’ plants need care. Without the correct knowledge of how to care for plants, to deal with pests, fertilizer or know how much watering is require for each plant type, you will face ongoing issues and it will over time be difficult to catch up with those difficulties that arise

Living Walls last as long as the components, backing wall and fittings are serviced correctly. As each component is easily replaceable there is no limit to the life span of a Living Wall. – these two sentences contradict one another?

Living Walls range in price based on how they are designed and can range between R3000 – R15000 per sqm. Each project is different and the better question to ask is ‘what is the cost of not doing a Living Wall’?


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