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Planted roofs that transform your skyline
Living Green Walls transforms your skyline into an eye-catching space through a green roof
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Don't settle for wasted roof space

Too many people settle for just a roof over their heads. A must have barrier against the elements. With all that space a roof occupies, you should have more choices with what you can do with it. Most people just accept that “it’s a roof.” It can be so much more than that!
If you have had the thoughts below , we can help you!

"My building is missing something 'wow'."

"My creativity is being limited by how much space I have."

"It irks me that my building is so 'unnatural.' "

"It was so nice to work with an efficient team that just gets on with it but who also continuously make decisions that positively impact us and our planet"

– Hauke Digital Productions

3 economic benefits of installing a planted roof

Rooftop garden installed in Wynberg, Cape Town - Living Green Walls
Lower maintenance bills​

A Green Roof extends the life span of your roof structure.

Rooftop garden - Living Green Walls
You need less insulation

The plants absorb noise pollution
and retain heat better.

Rooftop garden installed in Wynberg, Cape Town - Living Green Walls
Better use of space

You get more green space without losing floor space!

Clients we've worked with

It's our after sales service that makes us different!

Do you struggle to find the time to maintain a garden? Or do your gardening skills make you a
threat to even the weeds? Don’t worry – your experience with Living Green Walls doesn’t just
end after we have installed your vertical garden.

Our unique maintenance plan that comes with your purchase means that we care, maintain and replace any dying plants on a monthly basis after the installation. So finding the time to maintain your garden or worrying about how you will keep this stunning feature alive isn’t a worry anymore. 

"Clear plant design ideas that help inform our concepts and serve our clients better"


Ready to transform your skyline?

Great! It’s easier than you think – in fact, you are only 3 quick steps away!

Rooftop garden installed in Wynberg, Cape Town - Living Green Walls

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What else do we offer?

Brandhalo Installation - Living Green Walls

Living Green Walls

Vertical gardens that transform space and lives

Living Green Accessories

Less than a wall but still a feature –
smaller and more affordable Living Green ideas here.

Living Green Plants

Our online nursery that comes complete with a horticulturist.


5 ways Living Green Walls
improve your investment

Living Green Walls don’t only make your building look amazing, they also improve your bottom line! Download the 5 ways they put money back in your pocket by completing the below.