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When the opportunity to create a living piece of art in one of the most prestigious spas in South Africa arises, you grab the opportunity with both hands. Living Green Walls recently had the privilege of creating a living wall at one of Life Day Spa’s magnificent spas in Johannesburg, and what a fantastic project it was!

As with all of our sites, a thorough site inspection was conducted to assess the best position for the living wall, as well as map out how the installation could take place. Being one of the top spas in the country, one of the most important factors to consider during the installation to uphold and maintain a pristine environment that would not hamper Life Day Spa’s clients experience during treatments. To this end, the installation took place after the spa had closed for the day, resulting in installation work being done at night. Our teams are committed to not only finishing their installations within project deadlines, but they are passionate about ensuring the end product makes a dramatic change to the interior of the building. Life Day Spa’s installation was no different. The installation team spent three nights on site – night one was spent installing the pots and rails of the Modular Vertical Garden system; night two included planting the wall up with pre-potted plants and night three involved completing the frame.



One of the biggest challenges facing the Installation Team was the access to the wall on which the vertical garden was to be installed. The wall was difficult to access due to it being above a staircase, and the staircase not being wide enough to hold conventional scaffolding used during installations. With safety on site being the biggest consideration, the team designed a custom scaffold tube that could be screwed into the wall, and laid planks across this in order to access the space on which to construct. This allowed both the installation team and the electrician to access the wall with ease. The same scaffolding is taken back to site now to allow for maintenance on the living wall to take place.

Another feature of the Life Day Spa vertical garden was the Perspex sign “floating” in the middle of the living wall. The team designed rods that could fit in between the gaps of pots and plants, allowing the text to float in above the plants. This added another element of life and custom-design to the beautiful wall.



Although presented with limited time and limited space, the Living Green Walls installation team completed the installation with precision and efficiency, ensuring the life-giving experience of tranquility and greenery could be enjoyed by therapists and clients alike. The feedback speaks for itself: “I have never worked with a contractor as reliable and on the ball as Living Green.” – Mark Barkett (Life Day Spa)


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