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Like any garden, vertical gardens or living walls require regular maintenance and care. It’s easy to think that once your vertical garden has been installed, the maintenance can be done by anyone…what’s so difficult about taking care of a few plants, right? Yes, there is truth in the fact that caring for plants is not rocket science, however, the specialised care required by plants installed in a living walls is slightly more complex than one would think.

The plants used in indoor vertical gardens tend to be sensitive to light, room temperature and humidity. A thorough understanding of the best growing conditions for each species of plant used is essential in cultivating a living wall that will thrive! Without specific care, the vertical garden’s plants stand a high change of becoming diseased or damaged.

At Living Green Walls, we promote the maintenance of every vertical garden we install in order to ensure that every project’s plants are healthy and growing well for the best possible aesthetic. Our highly skilled team assess the pH, moisture and light levels of every plant in the living wall, and carefully monitor pest control while they are at it. We also use a remote monitoring system that allows us to know if or when there is a disruption to the wall and it’s irrigation system. This allows optimal growth and health, creating an outstanding masterpiece of living art in your home or office space!

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