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At Living Green, we are passionate about greening education, and are very excited to launch our Green Fingers blogs, which aim to give basic information about various plant species and the best way to grow them.

This week’s Green Fingers feature plant is the Syngonium podop
hyllum, more commonly  known as the Arrowhead. This beautiful plant is fast-growing and very easy to care for. The leaves on new plants begin as an arrowhead shape, which adapts and changes as the plant gets older to 3 to 5 finger-like sections. They are incredibly adaptable to growing in moist environments, and need to be kept in humid conditions, especially in dry Winter months . Arrowheads enjoy indirect light as they tend to burn in full sun or look weathered and straggly with too little light. Arrowheads tend to grow like vines and add a depth and fullness to vertical surfaces, making them a fantastic addition to Vertical Gardens. Arrowheads should be watered thoroughly, but the soil must be allowed to dry in between waterings to avoid discolouration in the leaves and root rot. This is a fantastic plant to propogate as it grows quickly and easily. Simply repot the plant and divid it’s root structure in half, being careful not to break the roots when separating them.


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