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When it comes to greening solutions, Living Green Walls prides itself on bringing you only the best, which is why we are now proud stockists of Mobilane’s LivePicture. LivePicture is a fantastic option when it comes to bringing splashes of life to your interior space. Bridging the gap between art and plant, LivePicture brings new life and interest to any bare wall.

LivePicture is easy to install and easy to maintain, making use of an efficient internal irrigation system that contains enough water for the plants for approximately 6 weeks. Here are a few added benefits to having a LivePicture in your home:

  • LivePicture is self-watering, eliminating the hassle of having to monitor the water levels
  • LivePicture comes in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pick and choose the optimum fit for your wall
  • LivePicture does not require electrical or water points – simply hang it up like a picture!
  • LivePicture affords you the choice of 4 different trims – white, charcoal, silver or black

Large or small, this living wall will bring a splash of life to any living or office space. Contact us to order your Mobilane LivePicture or click on over to our shop to purchase yours today!

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