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Ever dream of having your very own vertical garden but never thought you could afford it? Have you imagined greening your home but had no idea where to start? Going green just got a whole lot easier! Living Green Walls is proud to present the first of four of our DIY kits that enable you to bring a little bit of green into your world.

Our Vertipockets are made from a series of durable and long-lasting geotextile fabrics that ensure optimum growth and health for your plants. Our Vertipockets contain 18 pockets in a 0.6m square meter area, creating ample room to grow leafy green vegetables or to simply add a splash of ‘life’ to any room or wall surface. The Living Green Walls Vertipockets are extremely versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors, in the brightest direct sunlight or in the deepest shade. The Vertipockets are easy to install and can be attached to concrete, brick, wood or steel provided the structure is sturdy and stable. The DIY Vertipocket panels are a fantastic option for smaller spaces that need fresh life breathed into them. Once installed let the planting fun begin!

There are a number of things to consider when installing your DIY Vertipocket panels, including:

  • Lighting: If you plan on installing your Living Wall indoors you’ll need to ask yourself the question, will your plants receive enough natural light? If you install it in a dark room you may need to install our grow-lights?
  • Wind and rain: Will your Vertipockets be exposed to the elements or sheltered?
  • Aspect: Are you planning on installing your Vertipockets on a north facing or south facing wall?
  • Plants: Consider using semi-shade loving plants for shaded outdoor areas, indoor plants for indoor living or low light areas and sun-loving plants for areas that receive direct light.

While our Vertipockets come in the standard 1m x 0.6m size, custom shapes and designs are available upon request. If you feel that installing a Living Wall is out of your scope of expertise then it may be best for one of our technicians to come and pay you a visit. We also offer maintenance plans to help ensure you Living Wall stays alive and well through all seasons of growth and remains the talk of the town!

Our Vertipockets will be on show at the Cape Town Homemakers Expo from 31 August to 3 September 2017, alternatively visit our SHOP for more to purchase yours today!


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