Modular Vertical Garden (MVG)

In association with Vicinity, Living Green Walls is the Cape’s distributor of Modular Vertical Gardens. MVG is a modular system that takes the hassle and risk out of Vertical Gardens. This system is locally manufactured, can fit many spaces, will achieves instant coverage from day one and includes online monitoring. The plants are watered efficiently through a closed irrigation system, which is remotely monitored via an early warning alert system to minimise plant loss and other irrigation failures. The hardware is flat-packed to ensure easy shipping, and is made from recycled materials making it environmentally friendly.
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The Hydro System

The Hydro System, also known as vertical hydroponics, makes use of engineered polyamide felt in which the plants are supported and grown.

This soil-less system is best applied over large external surfaces and is best used for asymmetric spaces, curved surfaces and pillars.

This clean and lightweight system pumps essential plant food through a series of irrigation pipes needled between layers of absorbent directing in line with the plants root system.
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DIY Verti-Pockets

DIY Verti-Pockets is made up of a series of felt pockets with integrated water-proofing, irrigation sleeve and an absorption layer for equal distribution of water. The DIY Verti-Pockets work incredibly well for those who have limited space or no garden space at all! They are easy to install and ideal for creating herb / food gardens.

The DIY Verti-Pockets are available at R750 each including a DIY installation manual. Wholesale prices available on request for larger orders.
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R3 Green Roof Modular Planter

In partnership with, Green Squared, Living Green Walls offers the R3 Green Roof Modular Planter. It’s an easy-to-install, instant greening solution to green roofs. The 450 x 450 module is locally manufactured and provides instant coverage with the pre or post grown modular Planters giving endless design possibilities. Benefits include an optional seamless irrigation system, water retention and rapid drainage. The R3 Roof Planters protect roofs from UV and mechanical degradation, creating an oasis on your roof while insulating the building efficiently.
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