Living green walls

What Would Your Garden Look Like Around the World?

Garden design is more than just maintenance, it’s about self-expression and protecting cultural traditions. Around the world, different flowers and plants have different symbolic meanings. In some countries, the arrangement of a garden might also be symbolic or it might… View More

Living Walls Become Living Art

Earlier this month, Living Green Walls collaborated with product and graphic design studio, Lemon Décor, at the opening of the studio’s stunning new offices in Kramerville. The idea was to create a transient or semi-permanent art gallery that was to… View More

Tranquil Spaces

When the opportunity to create a living piece of art in one of the most prestigious spas in South Africa arises, you grab the opportunity with both hands. Living Green Walls recently had the privilege of creating a living wall… View More

Taking it to the Top – Green Roofs Made Easy

#productalert for those budding landscapers and designers out there! Living Green Walls it taking it to the top with the R3 Green Roof Modular Planter. The 450 x 450 module is locally manufactured and provides instant coverage with the pre-… View More

Coral Reef Ecosystems Under Threat

The warmer air and ocean surface temperatures brought on by climate change are altering coral reef communities and affecting the many organisms that use coral reefs as a habitat. To understand how this is happening we need to realise that… View More