Taking it to the Top – Green Roofs Made Easy

#productalert for those budding landscapers and designers out there! Living Green Walls it taking it to the top with the R3 Green Roof Modular Planter. The 450 x 450 module is locally manufactured and provides instant coverage with the pre-… View More

Coral Reef Ecosystems Under Threat

The warmer air and ocean surface temperatures brought on by climate change are altering coral reef communities and affecting the many organisms that use coral reefs as a habitat. To understand how this is happening we need to realise that… View More

Turning off Our Taps – Surviving in the Drought

Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought in over a century, with taps looking to run dry in April this year. The drought has impacted the city significantly, and with water restrictions now limiting citizens to 50ℓ per day, the… View More

Mobilane LivePicture Now Available from Living Green Walls!

When it comes to greening solutions, Living Green Walls prides itself on bringing you only the best, which is why we are now proud stockists of Mobilane’s LivePicture. LivePicture is a fantastic option when it comes to bringing splashes of… View More

Living Green Walls Vertipockets – Going Green Just Became Even Easier!

Ever dream of having your very own vertical garden but never thought you could afford it? Have you imagined greening your home but had no idea where to start? Going green just got a whole lot easier! Living Green Walls… View More